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We're All Ears…

We’d love to hear what you think about any piece you purchase from Hobbs, and online reviews make it easy to share your thoughts and help other customers make an informed decision too. 

After you receive an online order or purchase your item in store, simply visit the product’s page online to leave your review. Once your review is received and approved, it will appear at the bottom of the page and be available for everyone to read.
Before you leave a review
Please take a look at our guidelines below, which are here to help you with the type of information to include and increase the chances of your review being used. All reviews are checked by an independent moderator, and a review will never be rejected simply because it is negative – whatever your feedback, rest assured it is always valued, and used to make any improvements.
Here are our tips on how to write an effective review. 
Your review should always:

  • Be about a product you have purchased either online or in store. It shouldn't be about a similar product or one you've tried on in a Hobbs shop.
  • Not contain any personally identifiable information. This means your username for reviewing shouldn't be your real name and your location shouldn’t be your postcode.
  • Be about the product, not Hobbs’ customer service or delivery. If there is a problem with information about a product or our delivery, please contact our customer services team who can help.
  • Not contain mentions of our competitors or other retailers, even if the comparison is positive.
  • Not contain any inappropriate or abusive language.
  • Not contain a mention of the exact price you paid, as pricing May change and this could confuse other customers. You can talk about price but only in terms of something being a good deal or expensive, not a mention of the exact price.
What makes a helpful review?

  • Include details such as how the fabric felt, how the garment or shoe fitted, or any key details that you really like.
  • If you didn't like the product, explain exactly why. Was it the fabric, the style or the fit? If it didn't fit, it would be useful to know why – for example if it was too tight around the arms.
  • If the product fitted particularly well, a mention of your body shape would tell other customers if it is likely to fit them well too.
  • If you mention the length of a dress or skirt on you (for example, to the knee) it's worth mentioning how tall you are.
  • Say if you've found a product appropriate for a particular occasion, or for work.
  • If you've teamed the product with other items from the Hobbs collection you can provide links to these. It’s great to hear your styling tips.
Thank you for taking the time to write a review, we look forward to reading it.