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Our Atelier

Contemporary couture: it's a phrase that goes straight to the heart of Hobbs. Two words that capture our unique blend of modern design and timeless craftsmanship. Central to this vision is our in-house atelier, the creative soul of our collections...
Expert Techniques
It takes skill to conjure Hobbs' finely crafted looks. Working from the atelier, our expert pattern-cutters, designers and technicians merge the classic with the cutting-edge, bringing together time-honed techniques and state-of-the-art creativity. From first sketch to finished design, every detail is executed with pin-sharp precision.
Exquisite Details
The sculptural line of a tailored collar, the polished sheen of a leather trim, the frothy ripple of a silken sleeve: each fabric, fit and finish is poured over and perfected. No stitch is too small, no embellishment too elaborate to escape the scrutiny of our talented team. And the result? Beautifully crafted pieces, brimming with effortless style.
Style & Substance
We're known for our sharp lines, sensual shapes and beautiful tailoring. But Hobbs' commitment to feminine style goes beyond mere good looks. We make fashion, form and function the cornerstones of every Hobbs design. Each piece is tried and tested, then put through its paces to ensure it's up to the job. Which means you can relax and get on with yours...
Affordable Luxury
Exceptional quality at accessible prices is our calling card. Hobbs is unique on the high street for its catwalk finesse and precision finish. From our in-house atelier and Savile Row skills, to our exquisite fabrics and fine Italian leathers, luxury is our promise, affordability our pledge.