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Understated Heroines

There are many women out there quietly changing the world, making it a better place, a safer place and happier place to live. Their focus is on achieving rather than receiving, never asking for anything in return.
The dedicated doctor, the selfless charity worker, the kind friend, the caring mother... These are the women who go above and beyond, all the while maintaining a quiet dignity, never having to shout about it.


Kate Stephens

Kate Stephens

Kate Stephens is CEO of Smart Works, an incredible charity that makes a life changing difference to unemployed women. Ran entirely by volunteers, and donations from numerous fashion and beauty houses, including Hobbs, this charity provides thousands of women with a complete outfit of clothes and accessories to keep, together with interview training. The aim is to help women feel more confident - and start believing in their own ability to succeed.

A simple and practical concept that has proven to really work, Kate has huge plans for the charity's development, aiming to take the Smart Works service to as many women as possible across the UK. The plan is to engage inspirational women who might be willing to bring Smart Works to their home city.

At Smart Works, we witness every day the power that clothes and confidence have on a woman's ability to succeed.Over half the women we see go on and get the job.

Dany Cotton

Dany Cotton

When Dany Cotton became a fire fighter in 1988, she was one of only 30 women - in a workforce of 6,000. Today, Dany is the first woman to have been awarded the Queen's Fire Service Medal in 2004, and in 2007 she was appointed Assistant Commissioner, subsequently becoming the highest-ranking woman in the London Fire Brigade.

Above all accolades, Dany's love for the job is admirable, admitting that nothing compares to the feeling of knowing that someone else is alive, as a direct result of the work that she does.

I became a firefighter because I really wanted to help people and make a difference. I truly believe that it's the best job in the world.

Erin Pizzey

Erin Pizzey

A family care activist and novelist, Erin Pizzey became internationally famous for starting the first domestic violence shelter - a cause close to her heart as a result of a violent upbringing. The first of its kind, the shelter attempted to 'break the cycle', focusing on removing victims of abuse from their abusers.

Working to try and prevent the past from affecting future generations, today Erin offers therapy to those affected by violence in the home, with particular focus on parenting skills.

I am passionate about offering therapeutic intervention to those of us who were never parented, so that we can parent our children.

So we're going to celebrate these understated heroines of the world through sharing their stories and giving them the credit they're due.


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